GroWrk Green

Through our circular model, we allow our customers to use the furniture items they need today and when their businesses or tastes change, we pick it up and give them a second (and third and fourth) life. As we grow, we are committed to doing even better by improving our products, materials and sustainability practices.



9.7 million

tons of furniture waste going to landfills each year


of Americans prioritize experiences over products

No. 1

furniture is the least recycled household item in the U.S.


With GroWrk Green, we'll retrieve used GroWrk furniture once you're done with it, and refurbish it for a second shot at life. If the furniture is in good condition, we may even give you credit towards future purchases with GroWrk. Even if we don't offer credit, we’ll pick up old furniture for free, saving you thousands of dollars in disposal fees.  

GroWrk Green only applies to GroWrk furniture purchased new, and is only available for customers based in a GroWrk Service Areas. GroWrk Green retrievals can be organized by reaching our customer service team at

We’re excited to increase access to more, reduce waste and further power the circular economy.