Top 10 Home office setups on Twitter: March 2021

After a month-long hiatus updating our website and extending our services to over 150 countries, we are back with a whole new ranking of the Top 10 Home office setups on Twitter.

A lot has changed in the world of remote work since our last post in February. Cities like Tulsa and states like West Virginia offer up to 10,000 for remote workers to move there. Facebook, Uber, and Microsoft plan on bringing their workers back to the office, and employers expect nearly 2 in 5 employees will still be working remotely at the end of 2021.

Home office setups have become a trend on Twitter, with thousands of people uploading their little slices of productive heaven every day.

We sifted through all the posts from March and are left with these 10 to inspire your own remote workspace. Plus a new bonus category! Check it out below.





Minimalist home office setup


Although unassuming, the more we stared at this WFH setup, the more we loved this minimalist design by @_davidodari

Sometimes you don't need 5 different monitors crowding your desk and burning your retinas.

One screen with an optional monitor is more than enough to get the job done 99% of the time. We were about to call it out but then saw his comment on using a laptop stand and an external display, though we would like to see how that looks like.

We also liked the functionality of the sit stand desk. It looks like a Dripex gaming desk to go along with a gaming chair. If you enjoy the simple things in life and avoid clutter like the plague, take notes.

What about the empty space? We like to think of it as area of opportunity and a catalyst for creativity. We're intrigued on how this space will evolve, we'll keep a lookout for progress pictures.




home office setup twitter


This writer's paradise from @contentbythesea was not only chosen because of the cute doggo with bandanna on the couch.

It includes a stylish ergonomic chair, we believe it is called the Argos special chair. A massive desk for note-taking and using all those different colored pencils and markers. Plenty of space for a wireless keyboard and an ergonomic mouse. The laptop is at perfect eye level, and you have plenty of oxygen coming in with those leafy green plants and windows next to the chair. 

A cute paintingwhich we believe could be an original Ellen Forstertops it off to stare at while laying on the couch pondering the next writing assignment.

Creativity flows through this space!


Home office setup twitter


This simple yet elegant setup up from @stoneatwine is the perfect place to manage a business. You have great lighting from the overhead bulb and a fantastic view of the street. 

A high-resolution stretch screen attached to an adjustable computer arm to pair with what we are sure is a powerful CPU build, or maybe it's just hooked up to the laptop? Then if you need to cross-reference other work, you have a macbook and iPad to look at. Although, an ergonomic document holder or laptop stand would definitely help with that desk clutter.

We are huge fans of the ergonomic mouse, and those Sonos speakers look powerful. The microphone and webcam are perfect for important conference calls. Of course, the setup wouldn't be complete without some classic sticky notes. We, too, find it easier to remember by writing things down.



wfh setup


This setup by @eternalstorms looks like a fun place to work. A ton of green inside to go along with what looks like a tomato garden outside. A perfect place to drink a cup of coffee and browse through your emails while gazing into the morning light.

The equipment is minimalistic but certainly serves a purpose. You have got the iMac all the way to the back of the desk to use the MacBook Pro more easily. A stand for the iPhone and a separate stand for the iPad to avoid looking down constantly. Then you have a magic apple keyboard and mouse. Apple fan?

Of course, we have to mention the aluminum mouse pad for the smoothest scroll that you can imagine. And that Beatles footrest! If only John Lennon could see where his legacy has taken them. But judging by this setup, this guy is definitely a Ringo fan with his octopus' garden.



home office setup for remote work


This WFH setup by @olivierlacan is an inspiration for anyone that has the space to separate their home office from their home life but doesn't want to break the bank. Plenty of natural lighting through the two windows and then some great artificial light with the three lamps.

There definitely is no getting tired here!

Then, scanning through the equipment, we can see an air filter to keep an eye on VOCs and CO2 concentration but also temperature. The wide monitor is supported by an Ergotron LX, and a mirrorless 50mm camera placed on top.

A very cool speaking hack with a teleprompter from Parrot: Padcaster.

Those Audioengine HD3 bookshelf speakers are probably great to listen to lo-fi in the wee hours of the morning. We wonder what type of computer he refurbished to power the whole thing and where the cat is that comes along with the scratching post?

Definitely, the next purchase should be cable management.



Home office A/V Setup


There is so much equipment in this photo we don't even know where to start with this setup by @roach. So let's start with the easiest: we love the toy cockroach and the spaceship on the shelf.

Breaking down the devices we can see an air purifier, Elgato key light air and ring lights, a Nikon D7500 with an 18-35mm lens, and a yeti microphone. We would love to see the video quality that this guy records. We can also see a stretch monitor screen with an adjustable arm, a laptop stand, a wireless keyboard, and some beefy speakers.

We imagine that the whole room thumps to deep house or sways to the awesome Interstellar soundtrack while he is editing videos or writing code.



                  home office setup for sales    homeoffice setup


This two-piece setup by @VirtualisedReal looks like it would be fun to roll back and forth between the two whenever you got tired of staring at one set of screens.

One seems like it is for important calls with a sit stand desk and lava lamp for zen. The other seems like it is the place where the magic happens with all of his favorite things, including Sonic the hedgehog, though if we were to choose a Sega platformer we would've gone with Earthworm Jim. Loving the Polaroid net!

His equipment setup is stacked with two different cameras we imagine are for conference calls and probably some sweet gaming vids. A mechanical keyboard and ergonomic mouse to prevent Arthritis. Can't forget the legit microphone that looks like he is ready to host his own The Doodle Guy podcast with some vintage phone interviews. 



Home office setup with standing pad


This home office setup all the way from Italy by @luruke is stacked! Check out those speakers and the soundproofing material, perfect for deep work: a solid camera, Canon EOS 2000D, and widescreen monitor: Dell u3417w. 

The one thing that we think might be missing is some extra lighting for the camera with all that backspace.

We peeped the comments because we had to know what CPU he was using, and it is a developer's dream. A "vanilla" Mac OS with OpenCore, with a dual boot with Windows. 

Of course, we have to mention the standing bamboo desk and the standing pad. You can't go wrong with working out your core while you are making $$$—definitely a worthy investment for those long coding nights.



Home office set-upHome office set-up


So this is a first! @anothercohen's workspace had been previously ranked 10th on our chart. In just a couple of months we got to see some serious improvement that bumped his space to 2nd place! 

First thing we noticed was that bike. Nothing beats warming up for work in the morning like a couple miles in front of the screen catching up on the latest docuseries.

You got plenty of space to pace the room with your dog and take a nap on the couch. All illuminated by a big window.

Taking a close look at his setup, you can see an enormous curved monitor that is perfect for gaming or multi-tasking. We also liked how he completely transitioned from Apple to a more customized rig, with a solid mic stand and the first one we have seen in March with a pop filter. 

Then you have the noise-canceling headphones and the AMG ergonomic chair to top things off. We imagine some days he is constantly adjusting the blinds because of the sunlight, but hey, more exercise. The best part, his setup turned into an excellent thread with tons of people sharing their remote workspace. 

Now, for this month's winner...drum roll please!



the best home office setup


If you have a partner that works from home with you, this is what you should aspire to achieve. @jmduke should start his own co-working space because he understands the importance of lighting, ergonomics, storage and style.

Those ergonomic chairs from Ikea were probably a pain setting up, but we are sure they are worth the comfort. That wide desk and mug full of pens are great for taking notes, so no bumping elbows. When someone has a call, you just pop on the noise-canceling headphones and continue working. 

We are sure they both have matching laptops to go along with the monitors, or maybe they just take turns on that Mac Mini and watering the plants. Then to top it all off, you have this: 


work from home setup for dogs

A mini fridge! You can't go wrong with snacks while working, or that 5pm beer. Just kidding, it is a cool fridge but look at that precious Corgi! 

Well, that takes us to the end of our ranking, but since there are so many people posting lately, we still have to give a special shoutout. 

"Home office is setup! Ready to start work tomorrow"

The funniest home office setup


Thank you, @TheRealMerb, for brightening our day with this comedy gold. We all know the rush to set up an impromptu home office, and sometimes you have to make do with what you got.

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Alrighty, future of work enthusiasts! We’ll see you with the next edition of our Top 10 WFH setup ranking. We’ll be keeping an eye out for more cool remote spaces, so don’t forget to share yours on Twitter using the #RemoteSetup hash. We could feature it in our April edition.

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