Top 10 home office setups on Twitter: January 2021

Companies opting for a full or hybrid remote operation keep piling up. At first, it may have been the extension of the pandemic, but now it’s obvious companies are seeing the benefits and productivity surges that come with distributed work. Just a few days ago Spotify announced their decision not only to allow their employees to work from home but encouraging them to work from anywhere: an office, a coworking space, home, even another country. The future of work is not only a matter of efficiency, but of equity and inclusiveness.  

A month and a half into 2021, the global transition into the future of work is continuing to take place. This is the third month we’ve looked into the remote workspaces the Twitter community is sharing, and we are amazed by how the volume of WFH posts has increased, almost doubling from December to January. We're really happy to see that both companies and teammates are taking their workspaces more seriously than ever.  

So, without further ado, here are our January Top 10 picks, we hope you enjoy and get some cool ideas for your own awesome remote workspace: 

WFH setup

Even though this simple yet warm work nook was bashed at first, there are many reasons it made the list. First of all, that is a customized Sit-Stand desk, with a lovely solid beech wood top that warmly lights up with the sun coming in from the window, which has a great view, who has that really? Got your Apple gear, which covers the basics: Large screen, wireless keyboard and mouse. A great HD cam with the window facing backward, best decision because the lighting will be dazzling your face and not your camera. A LED lamp for meetings and late-night work, and topped off with a couple of accent pieces that keep it looking clean yet homely: a plant and a coaster. Great going @anothercohen, more than an upgrade from the couch! Curious to know what chair you’re using. 

 Cozy looking spot @anferno, seems like you turned a 1960’s music room into a 2020’s workspace. Once again, can’t go wrong with the Apple gear with the LED backlight, but now with two extra screens rigged with monitor arms for performance placement, speakers, HiFi mic, and love the creativity of pushing the chair under the Sit-Stand desk and leaving the mat there for standing work while maximizing space, awesome job. Of course everything is set to the back of the wall between the windows for a great lighting experience. We’re wondering what that MacBook on a laptop stand is doing down there, is that a mat? Do you do some kneeling work as well? Kudos on lighting the Chinese lantern in the back the same color as the LED for the picture, but of course, what did we expect from a film editor.  


A streamer’s paradise, for @CouveOne all good things come in 3s. Three Alienware HD monitors, three cams including a Logitech Stream Cam, and is that a Sony Alpha? Three stream decks, though one is actually a sound mixer/broadcaster/voice fx, three ergo keyboards, three mice, the list goes on. A powerful PC (or four), big screen TV, and some good lighting, just add a minibar and some tight HiFi speakers and you will never need to leave this place. If we had to guess, we’d say he has a Secretlab Titan chair sitting around the nook, or maybe three? Not so sure about the Seahawks though, sorry, huge Niner fan writing this piece, I know. 


Home Office Rig

In every edition of our Top 10 Home Office Setups we feature a workstation that has an awesome lighting rig, and for this post we’ve chosen @ni500’s. Dual HD monitors with monitor arms for optimum posture, Sit-Stand desk, laptop stand, tablet arm, docking station, HD cam, headphones & mic, and we’re pretty sure there’s a neat ergo chair around there somewhere. What we really loved is how there’s a dual-LED backlight making the space look really futuristic and clean, while accenting the table lamp and ring light. With the window and door to the back, we’re pretty sure it looks great during the day as well. Quick shoutout to @torrenegra for posting his #RemoterChallenge tweet with his own sweet-lookin’ rig where we found Nicholas’ cool work spot. 

Work From Home Setup

We can imagine @SantoshYadavDev pounding some fresh code left and right while recording an inspiring webinar in this tight dev work setup. Instead of telling you what this rig is all about, why don’t you check it out for yourselves here, a neat description of each piece of his home office puzzle, and one of the main reasons it made the list. The cherry on top? That cool GitHub pop filter, we’re geekin' out, man.   


A lean, clean, working machine, this tight home office by @arielsonline is the perfect example of why we love Apple gear. Is that the UltraFine 5K display? Trackpad really helps with joint posture. This just looks good and we’re pretty sure it feels good too. Really curious about what type of chair she’s using, but we’re imagining a black Capisco, it would accent this work nook perfectly. Sure, it helps that she started working at Apple recently and got some swag, but still, window to the back for optimum lighting, fresh looking plants, laptop stand, sturdy desk, lovin’ that Commodore-style keyboard, you can really see the thought that has been put into this welcoming work cranny.

      Home Office Space











 Did we mention we love that people are using Sit-Stand desks a lot more? You have to see the video posted by @SDingemanse showing his awesome rig in action! A beautiful 4k curved monitor with a monitor arm and an acoustic panel at the back are some great additions to an already productive yet cozy work niche. But, as stated in the second tweet of the thread, it’s not just about the setup, you have to think about the workspace as a whole, and Stefan has done an amazing job at customizing his. We were wondering about sound, but then we saw the cool JBL boombox in the corner, seems like he has everything down. If you’re going to be spending a third of your days (or more) in the same spot, make sure you feel comfortable, make sure you make it healthy, and make sure you make it yours. Don’t know what that trophy on the shelf is for, but you are a home workspace legend in our book!  

Home office

Okay, maybe the fact that 33% of the judges are musicians (that being me) made this a biased decision, but you have to admit this is a sweet setup. Musician or not, if you’re working in a closed space, acoustic panels are always a good idea, not just to optimize sound, but because they make the space look cleaner and more immersive, really like @msanromanv’s back wall. Got your ergo chair, extra monitor which looks 4k or higher with dual monitor arm for the mac as well, ergo keyboard and mouse, lighting and HD cam, so the basics are covered. And yes the guitars and drum set are pretty cool accent pieces though in this case, we’re pretty sure they’re the main dish. We’re guessing but: Alesis, PRS, Dinky (sans Floyd Rose), Strat, and Russian Blue (the cat). 

Remote office

We always feature a minimalist nook on our rank, and in this edition, it was @NathanClark_’s OCD heaven that came in #2 on our list. This is just a clean workspace, with an UltraSharp 4K monitor, parallel lights, LED strip contouring the back of an awesome Sit-Stand desk, Sony Alpha with, we want to say a RODE mic, wireless keyboard and mouse, stealthy acoustic panel, ergo chair and a really cool work tool shelf on the side. Best of all, do we even have to say it, how about that cable work! This is workspace porn, and Nathan, you are the cable master, we don’t even want to know how you did it, you are the value prop, you wizard.

Home office rig

This workspace looks elegant and simple, right? Well, for @Big_E it meant a lot of work and customization, with careful thought into each of its components. But don’t take our word for it, check out this awesome video he posted with the full insight into this almost perfect rig. Why almost perfect you ask? Even though we really like what he did for a desk, and it looks really good, we believe the nook would do better with a Sit-Stand desk both for gaming and work, it’s just healthier; judging by his video, it’s probably something he can DIY during the weekend. Anyway, that did not get in his way of taking home the glory. Looking forward to more awesome home office videos! 


Hey @seeshespeak! We never got to see who won your book giveaway, the winner’s account had restricted access, but here are some pretty cool home office setup options, maybe another complimentary copy of your OFFICE book from the @objectsobjects series could go out to your fav? 


There you have it, folks! There were so many remote setups shared last month that it was really hard to choose this edition’s top 10, but it’s great to see people are stepping up their game. A key item that had been overlooked and we now see more commonly in people’s spaces is the Sit-Stand desk, which is not only great for boosting productivity but also for taking care of your and your team’s heart and back. You can check out some great options here.   

This month’s special shoutout goes to @dsquintana who shared this awesome and pretty terrifying picture of a frozen home office whose window was left open in Svalbard, Norway. Even though you clearly stated that it wasn’t your office, the community thanks you for sharing so that next time someone is nomadding in Norway they don’t forget to close the window.

 Frozen office

Alrighty, future of work enthusiasts! We’ll see you next month with the next edition of our Top 10 WFH setup ranking, and we’ll be keeping an eye out for more cool remote spaces, so don’t forget to share yours on Twitter using the #RemoteSetup hash, we could feature it on our February edition.

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