Top 10 home office setups on Twitter: December 2020

2020 will be remembered as the year the world went remote. Many companies who thought remote work was a provisional state while the pandemic unfolded, are now thinking they will at the least become hybrid once quarantine is lifted. This was bound to happen, as talent across the world has submerged into the work from home reality, and even in it’s emergency mode, they’ve tasted the benefits and freedom it brings and will now look for companies that support it going forward.

Maybe December marked the time when people finally accepted this new way of work and life, or maybe it’s that they were waiting for December to purchase a remote setup as a personal holiday gift, but we found a remarkable growth in home workspaces being shared on Twitter. Some of them were still struggling to take the first basic ergonomic steps, but a lot had done such an amazing job that we decided to turn our Top 5 ranking into a top 10 of home office setups being shared on the platform.

Here’s our December picks:


With dual lamps, HD Sony Alpha cam, cell phone stand and cell phone as extra screen, laptop stand and LG Ultrafine 4K extra monitor, all in dark colors, this makes for a sleek, functional setup that would go great in almost any home office nook. Which makes us wonder what’s beneath those trendy devices, is it a sit-stand desk? What type of chair are you using @nickjvturner? Did you manage to set up those 2x iPhones you were looking to mount? Good cable work by the way! Throw in a wireless ergo keyboard and mouse and this is pretty much all you need. 

Great triple screen setup, all the gadgets you need, an adjustable desk, ergo chair and great light-work is not what made us pick @hewhodevs’s home office set up for this month’s ranking post, but the most awesome cable management we’ve seen up to now! Those of you who have worked hard on keeping your workspace cable-clean know what we’re talking about and how hard it must have been to solve for this space. Not one cable out of place. Kudos Joshua! You cable king. 


Hey @dan_spratling! Don’t get us wrong, we really liked your setup, with its really clean look, an elegant sit-stand desk, the right ergo gadgets, that sweet extra wide curved monitor and a small plant to freshen up the space; but what we appreciated the most was your awesome post that led us to find so many other great setups for our ranking. Thanks Dan! 


Though we enjoy when people go big on devices and gadgets, we also have a soft spot for the minimalist nooks, and this one is definitely one of our favorites. Dual monitor with sleek, adjustable monitor arm, wireless keyboard and mouse, laptop stand, HD cam, ergo chair, sit-stand desk and cool USB LED backlight. We do wonder what the round thing in the middle is though @SuperBadMovies, maybe an interesting sound device for movie watching? 


Home workspace or space command station? This sweet nook by @Fox0x01 looks like it’s about to take off. The extra large HD monitor with its dual partner on the side, cool charging dock, ergo keyboard, noise-cancelling headphones, great ergo chair and awesome backlighting are perfectly accented with the futuristic modular led lamp that hangs on the wall. Maybe you need those drawers, but we think a sit-stand desk would be more fitting for Forbe’s 2020 person of the year in cybersecurity. Now, a lot of people might be thinking it’s missing some video equipment, but not everybody has the same requirements. We would love to see how this workspace evolves!  


Though it needs a bit of cable work, we loved @Studio2372’s clean looking spot. It has what we call the basics trifecta: Large extra monitor, ergo chair and sit-stand desk. It also has each of the basic gadgets: HD cam & mic and ergo keyboard & mouse. Add those awesome accenting plants and you have this really comfortable looking nook. How about that collector’s edition 4k copy of “The Call of the Wild”, any good? 


When it comes to high fidelity equipment, we have to give it to @_davidtucker_! Dual lamps, Wide HD monitor, two 4K Blackmagic cinematic cams, Yamaha Studio monitors, 4k (maybe higher-res) live multi-camera production monitor, the list goes on. Would love to see what chair you’re using! Is that a sit-stand desk? Great job David, might be able to get a better back and neck position with an ergo keyboard and mouse, if anything. 


Okay so Chris at the @CoalitionTechYT crew might have gone a bit overboard, but when it comes to personalizing your workspace to fit your needs and help you be more productive, especially now that you’re working there maybe even more than a 40 hour work week, there is no such thing as too much. You can check out the setup specs on the twitter link, but man, to have that much equipment and still have it look so clean, this is definitely one of the best we’ve seen. 

Well this is just a minimalist’s dream home workspace by @danielkempe, who did an awesome job at selecting equipment (mostly Apple) and gadgets with really clean lines that go perfectly well together but which also give you the high definition you are looking for in almost any digital endeavor. A truly lean & clean setup. Our only question is, what will Daniel put in that picture frame next to the succulent plants? 



Okay you caught us! This was not posted by @jasontoff in December, but we found it because somebody tweeted an article about it in that month so we decided it was fair game, and it’s just such an awesome setup not to have ranked it.

Yes, it has everything you need for a great and productive workspace and it has been cleanly put together with great cable work which is a rare find, but what makes this nook really special is how Jason made the backside work for him perfectly: a vintage looking custom credenza, some hip succulents and a big screen TV that serves as both a cool entertainment center to unwind and an amazing versatile backdrop for meetings.

This is an idea a lot of people will be sure to get inspired from. Coolest of work spots! 


Even though we’re sure that 2021 will shine the light on remote workspace management, and companies will have to actively participate in setting-up their worker’s home offices, it’s really good to see that people are taking their remote workspaces more seriously now, knowing that it’s not just about lifestyle, but about health and productivity as well. 

Finally we’d like to share this month’s special shoutout to @martinomander who made his cat an official part of his remote office, you’re the real MVP! 


We’ll see you next month with another Top 10 WFH setup ranking, and we’ll keep an eye out for more cool remote spaces, so don’t forget to share yours on Twitter using the #RemoteSetup hash, we could feature it on our January edition.

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