Top 10 Home office setups on Twitter: April-May 2021

Top 10 Home office setups on Twitter: April-May 2021

We are back this month with a whole new ranking of the Top 10 Home office setups on Twitter.

April and May have been turbulent times in the world of remote work. With vaccines in full effect in the United States and Europe, companies are wrestling with the idea of returning to the office. While most workers want to continue working from home at least 3 days a week.

We also launched our newsletter last week, "The Remote Times"  where we cover the latest remote work trends, review the best content, and conduct expert interviews...every Friday!

From our own research on Twitter, it seems like people want to keep their home offices because they keep getting more creative with each ranking we do! 

We sifted through all the posts from April and May and are left with these 10 to inspire your own remote workspace. Plus the fan-favorite "Funny" category! Check it out below.



WFH stock setup


This setup by @Greatstockpix shows that the home office is not limited to knowledge workers. However, it takes ingenuity to stack monitors in this way and hook everything up, so it works. 

We love the Titan ergonomic chair that is at the perfect level of the keyboard tray. Then you have a mic for those important calls with investors and noise-canceling headphones to maintain calm in stressful situations. 

We are sure it is a powerful computer build to run all that trading software, and it even looks like he has a surge protector on the floor, can't stress enough how important that is. If there was ever a symbol of American Capitalism, look no further than this setup. 



home office setup remote work


This is what using small spaces for home offices is all about! No excuses! Kudos to @writerinthedark for posting her home office setup that is a bit organized chaos and also super cozy. You have plenty of reading material for inspiration on the bookshelf in the corner. 

A solid gaming-style chair for ultimate comfort. A large stand for a single light to illuminate those long nights finishing the weekly editorial post. 

She has space for her laptop when she wants to move those notebooks and a nice-sized monitor for deep work. 

Our only critique is that, though there is an attempt for cable management we do find that to be the type of chaos that caould actually distract. But we are sure, after the disco lightbulb, that is the next investment. 



home office setup standing desk


What @SloppyJ44 did with this space shows the creativity many people have with limited space. The dual monitors look like they are connected to two different operating systems, so it is perfect for multi-tasking. 

It also shows off his personality with the Miyazaki figurines and the Mario model. Making spaces your own is very important. Much respect for an electric standing desk to keep the WFH pounds at bay.

Then you have the tablet to go along with the laptop and graphic pad, although we are sure he can't use everything simultaneously. Or can he?

He also has some drawers to keep all the documentation organized. Still, we are sure the power strip behind it get's a bit overcrowded. The corkboard is probably great for daily and weekly planning and those sticky notes, they will outlive us all.



WFH setup


We really enjoyed gazing at this standing set up by @JonHMChan. It looks like it gets plenty of light during the days and a nice view of the city below. The adjustable mic stand is perfect for recording or having a crystal clear sound during meetings.

That looks like a Nikon on top of the monitor, so the image quality during video calls is probably on-par with Youtube influencers. The plant on the side adds an excellent level of green without taking up too much space. 

The cable management in this setup is also envious, in the fact that you can't see any! Then you have a mirror in the back to remind you to take a break when you look at your tired reflection after a long day at work. Or is it maybe to make a small desk seem larger?

Simple yet sweet! 



home office setup


At number 6, we have this well-lit piece by @ChristosMatskas. This is the first one on this list that we have seen with the dual-screen setup. It definitely has to be a robust PC build to power this developer's paradise.

You got some cute tiny speakers to not be overwhelmed by any sound during long sprints, though they look deceiving, pretty sure those sound louder than they seem right? A solid mic stand and webcam for those daily standups. We are also huge fans of the ergonomic mouse and raised keyboard.

We would love to see what type of chair he is working with but we imagine it is probably a gaming setup. The desk looks a bit cluttered, but just like the poster above talking about bugs, it might just be the angle that we are looking at. 



WFH setup plants


This setup by @WesEklund is literally a breath of fresh air. Look at those plants! We love the hardwood desk that matches the floor. You can never go wrong with a KeychronMK K6 that makes typing so much more satisfying.

The widescreen monitor and camera attached with the Rubix cube below definitely should make any long video call that much more enjoyable. Those speakers look perfect for jamming out in your deco yet ergonomic Capisco.

Then you have a laptop stand to avoid any clutter and what looks like a premium custom build for his operating system. Looks like you have your cable management down, but we do wonder what the lighting is like when taking those nightly zooms.



home office setup


The force is definitely strong with this setup by @SimGuruSilver. Stacked with three monitors, sorry, make that four with the one all the way to the left we're guessing is used for a slick P5. Absolutely zero clutter and plenty of space for a laptop on the side.

We love the LED keyboard, and the dual speakers that we are sure at some point have played the opening to Star Wars or The Imperial March. 

The true gem of this piece is the electric sit-stand desk.Though a true Jedi would be able to lift it with the mind, you do not see many of those, and we are sure it makes it easy to not get distracted while working. 

We would definitely recommend some zip ties for all those cables under the desk. Besides that, this setup is an inspiration to anyone looking to take their home office to the future, or dare we say, to a long time ago.



home office productivity setup


This post by @nikitonsky went viral for a good reason. It has an excellent view of a Berlin patio for natural light. An Ergotron monitor arm to support both a solid monitor and a MacBook.

The dual typing keyboard and mouse pad is something we have never seen before, but he is probably getting several hundred characters in a minute. Then you have the noise-canceling headphones and a microphone for important meetings. 

Absolutely no clutter, and that hardwood desk goes great with the rest of the home office. Is that a router on top of your Mac Mini? We just wonder what you're sitting on? A throne, you king of cleanliness?



home office with cat


This WFH setup by @TitoNgKyusi takes the second spot, not only because it has a special spot for a very special furry companion, but for its clever use of space. Although it lacks a monitor, he was creative with the laptop stand and keyboard hookup, and sometimes getting to the top doesn't mean having the best equipment, but knowing how to use the equipment you have very well.

It has excellent natural lighting and plenty of plant friends for some oxygen. A ring light and microphone to take on essential calls while looking fly. Dual speakers for nifty sound and a tray at the bottom of the desk for extra storage.

The desk on the side is great for taking notes or taking a break from looking at the screen. We are sure he has a swivel chair that he can use to scoot between the two. 

Now, for the double month's winner...drum roll please!


the best wfh setup


This setup by @_phzn is simplicity and modernity at its finest. You have an ultra-wide monitor held up by an Ergotron LX desk mount monitor arm. The lighting is on point for the webcam and microphone with a pop filter.

A sleek keyboard and ergonomic mouse have pads for your wrists to avoid the pains of Arthritis. It is supported by a super clean standing desk with plenty of space. The cable management also looks very well thought out.

To top it all off, he has a streaming deck in the corner that can control everything from the Elgato key lights to the tiny speaker in the corner. And that backlight just looks magical. This setup is where productivity lives and progress happens. We have to know, what is powering that screen? Is it a laptop? 

Well, that takes us to the end of our ranking, but since there are so many people posting lately, we still have to give a special shoutout to the funniest post we saw in the last two months.


"Found my new WFH setup! 

Funny home office setup

Thank you, @find_evil, for combining comfort and work in a way we never thought possible. Who wouldn't want to check their emails at the end of the day like this. Just wondering how safe it actually is.

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Alrighty, future of work enthusiasts! We’ll see you with the next edition of our Top 10 WFH setup ranking. We’ll be keeping an eye out for more cool remote spaces, so don’t forget to share yours on Twitter using the #RemoteSetup hash. We could feature it in our June edition.

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