The 15 Best WFH Memes of 2020

As we head into the new year, it’s safe to say we’re all ready to bid farewell to 2020 and start fresh. The past twelve months have doled out plenty of curveballs, changing how we live seemingly from one day to the next. And though we’ve dealt with our fair share of struggles, we’ve also found that many came with silver linings. (Does anyone actually miss their morning commute to the office, for example?)

Working from home went from being the dream of many to the reality of most once it became clear that flattening the infamous curve wasn’t going to happen with millions congregating in closed office spaces day in and day out, and the internet was quick to do what the internet does best: bombard us with memes about it. Almost a year later, the results are in: most people would rather keep working from home, even as vaccines start rolling out. But before we’d worked out the initial kinks and gotten into the full groove of it, there was a meme that could mirror any experience, and remind us that we’re never quite as alone as we may feel (even at the height of a global lockdown). 

As self-professed work-from-home enthusiasts, we ranked some of our favorites — the 15 funniest, most accurate memes that future archeologists will look to when studying what will go down in history as the Year the World Went Remote.


“The next couple of weeks,” they said…


Sorry cat, but we’ve gotta side with dog on this one.

Cat parents will understand. 


Luckily for boomers everywhere, the novelty of Zoom backgrounds was over as quickly as it started.

 Elizabeth almost always managed to appear.


Though technically not memes, we think some tweets were definitely noteworthy.


Seriously, who knew their coworkers breathed so heavily?!


And yet, sometimes we were faced with the opposite scenario.


And we’d like to keep it that way, thanks…


Well whaddya know! 


Shoutout to the real remote work MVPs of the pandemic. 


And what about it?


Honestly, here’s hoping 2020’s forced (and successful!) trial-run of remote work will settle the matter once and for all, because if there’s one thing we miss less than a commute, it’s regular pants.


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