Introducing GroWrk: Smart Home Office Management Platform for Remote Teams

Long considered ‘the future of work’ by many, telecommuting has effectively positioned itself as the defining work model of 2020 -- and kept the world’s economy afloat in doing so. Moving forward, remote work is here to stay, as companies everywhere are deciding to embrace it as their new normal. 

Since its founding, GroWrk has been committed to providing companies across industries and of all sizes with the tools to care for their remote teams. Focused on ergonomically compliant at-home workstations, GroWrk is now proud to launch a full digital platform which enables managers to assess and address the needs of their remote workforce, all through one easy-to-use dashboard. 

We make it easy

The health and safety of your remote workforce isn’t solely a matter of ethics. It’s important to avoid liability issues by ensuring your team is taken care of from the start, and a simple stipend won’t cut it. 

Think about it -- forgoing an office lease will yield considerable savings, and it’s only logical to invest a portion of that back into the workstations your team will be performing from, day in and day out. 

We understand that assessing the individual needs of each of your remote employees would require an entire department (and tons of energy), which is why we’ve simplified the task. Whether you’re onboarding 10 or 1,000 employees, our platform ensures a seamless experience for you to supply and manage your remote teams’ needs. 

Understanding your team’s needs 

So what are the essentials of a safe home office space? 

The chair is a staple of ergonomics, and yields many health benefits as well as improved mood and sustained productivity. Likewise, sit-stand desks have gained popularity in recent years, as studies have shown that combining a suitable chair with occasional 30-minute periods of standing is the ideal scenario for workers who spend several hours a day in front of a computer. 

Your team should be provided with guidance from experts regarding best safety and health practices when working from home, which is another thing our dashboard takes care of, creating individual files for each worker and routine check-ups with certified ergonomists. 

Through GroWrk, you can rest easy, knowing your team is in the best hands. 

We caught up with Carlos Escutia, GroWrk’s co-founder and CEO, to learn more about the platform. 

What makes GroWrk unique in comparison to other team management apps? 

Our platform goes beyond focusing on the digital space, which is what a lot of remote team management applications do today, because we cover the physical environment of the remote worker. What that means is that through GroWrk, companies can provide high-quality equipment, ergonomic chairs, sit-stand desks and other equipment needs to their employees at a fraction of the price, instead of limiting them with a small stipend. In addition to that, we also provide services that teach employees how to use this equipment and ensure employers that their teams are trained and know what the best practices are for working from home. This is achieved with the ergonomics assessment that is provided to every team member on our platform to help them set up their workspace. 

Every few months, we also provide ergonomics coaching, so that a certified ergonomist can check in and see if there are any issues that need to be addressed with any specific employee. With this, companies know they are being proactive to mitigate litigation risks by ensuring that employees do not get injured, increasing workers’ compensation costs or premiums for employers. Most importantly, through GroWrk, companies can protect their most valuable assets, using the platform as a tool to attract and retain talent. Especially as more and more companies will be hiring remotely, there is a need to start thinking about how to provide a better remote work experience, and that is what GroWrk does. 

What drove you to expand the scope of GroWrk?

We noticed that there was a big gap with offices and employees transitioning to remote work. We figured that there are a lot of companies that spend hundreds of hours and millions of dollars to ensure that their office space is safe for their employees, for the reasons that I mentioned before. Employee safety and employee comfort are top of mind whenever you have an office space, but that becomes difficult to manage and to make sure that it’s being sustained when employees are working remotely. 

We wanted to go beyond simply providing the equipment, so we went ahead and started thinking, what are the problems that need to be solved beyond just ensuring that employees get what they need without being limited by a monthly stipend? And also, what services are required so that you can get the same level of attention and care that you would get at an office space delivered to your home office? That is the premise behind GroWrk, and that is what our platform enables companies to manage on an ongoing basis.

What can users look forward to when using the dashboard?

The first thing is simplicity. We developed a tech platform that simplifies administrative tasks, removes the headache of having to manage all the equipment that needs to be provided to multiple team members, as well as the day-to-day needs of the remote employees. Whether something needs maintenance, or something needs to be swapped, it becomes easy to manage these needs because they’re centralized in one dashboard.

The second thing is that, through the dashboard, you’re able to effectively ensure that you are remaining health and safety compliant, providing a space for having documentation on each individual team member that you have. So what that means is that an ergonomics assessment is provided to each employee. You will have a way to click on individual folders to see the history of the services that have been provided, and so as an employer you’re being proactive about avoiding any issues down the road in terms of health or safety for that particular individual. 

And finally, by making sure your team members have the right equipment, and know how to use it, you’re able to provide a better remote work experience, which ultimately translates into higher productivity and safety for your team members, as a way to promote and develop a culture of care while your team is working distributedly. GroWrk helps you manage this with ease. 

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