Creating a Small Home Office: The Best Gear for Small Spaces


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Most remote workers don’t live in mansions. Unless you hit it big on Bitcoin a few years ago and now spend your time mining and trading, you’re probably working from a standard-sized house or apartment. 

If you’re new to remote work, setting up an office in a small space can feel impossible. The empty areas of your house or apartment might be either for storage or for your hobbies like a piano or book shelf. Filling the remaining empty space with a big bulky desk and chair will only make your home more crowded. 

However, here at GroWrk, we specialize in making even the smallest of spaces practical and ergonomic. Below you’ll find ten ideas for changing an underutilized space into your new home office design. Read them all and see which small home office idea works best for you! 

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1. Mount everything you need on your wall


                 wall desk


growrk monitor arm

If you have a lot of empty wall space in your home, this type of office can be perfect. A desk supported by legs on the floor can take up valuable floor space and limit what you can store underneath it. With no support legs, you can put anything under your desk. 

You can find empty walls next to large pieces of furniture like a bed or sofa. Once you find a right spot for the desk, mount it on the wall with strong support behind it. 

At GroWrk, you can find monitor arms that can attach directly to the back of your desk or a wall. This arm will help set up your office by making your monitor more adjustable without taking up extra space or needing to attach to another piece of furniture. 


2. Turn a closet into a desk


closet office spaceergonomic chair for creating a small home office

From Pinterest

Many people have large closets or wardrobes that they don’t use. Either it’s full of hoarded items for storage space or completely empty. If you install a roll-out shelf inside this piece of furniture, you can transform it into your new remote office space. The shelf is easy to install and only involves some screwing/drilling. With a quick youtube video, you can do it yourself. 

This office is excellent for a person with a small apartment because you can fold it back up when the workday is done. You can include a HAG Capisco Puls with this home office idea. The chair is relatively small and still comfortable and ergonomic. When you fold your closet desk back up, simply roll the chair off to the side of the furniture and out of the way. 


3. Build an office in your backyard


backyard home office

growrk home office package

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The trend of a backyard home office is becoming more common among suburbanites switching to remote work. Individuals take the underutilized space they have outdoors and build a self-contained workspace of 5 to 10㎡ , filling it with office equipment for their workday. 

Typically these units are heated and either self-constructed from scratch or built from prefab containment units like a shipping container (you can also convert your garden shed). For an office like this, we recommend using one of the GroWrk package deals. The Thrive Home Office Package will provide you with a desk, monitor arm, ergonomic chair, monitor, mouse, and keyboard, all for just $69. 

For these outdoor offices, we have a little more flexibility in terms of space, and so it makes sense to order all the equipment your office could need for teleworking properly. GroWrk also has three different wifi range extenders available if you want a stable internet connection in your garden. 


4. Work from the patio


patio home office

laptop stand growrk

From Pinterest

If your garden space isn’t that big or you only have a balcony, the patio can also serve as an excellent place for remote work. Most people already have comfortable outdoor furniture, and so you can bring your PC outside and get started right away. 

One thing you might need for your patio office is an adjustable monitor/laptop stand. GroWrk has many products (like the Laptop Ultrastand and Monitor Arm) that will help bring your primary screen up to the ergonomics-recommended eye level. Since most patio tables aren’t much taller than your typical coffee table, this will help elevate your work and make it more comfortable for long periods.


5. Pick a corner of the room


corner office


desk for creating a small home office

From Amazon

If you have a large living room where most of the furniture is in the center, you probably have a corner that can support your home office. Try to pick a quiet corner and face away from distractions like a television or the kitchen. Once you’ve selected the right space, you can even separate it physically with a partition or a curtain. 

Growrk has plenty of small desk options that work excellently with corners. You can even put two of the desks together to form an “L” shape and make them into a corner desk. 


6. Work under the stairs


office under the stairs


creating a small home office package

From HomeDoo

Many suburban homes and even urban lofts have staircases to access the second floor. Underneath these staircases is an oasis of untapped space where your home office can thrive. Go the “Harry Potter Route” and start your new remote work-life under your stairs. You can situate a compact desk along with some storage and other supplies in this confined space. 

For this space, you can start with Growrk’s Arrive Home Office Package. The package is relatively simplistic (containing only a chair, monitor, and small desk). This package will give you the essentials you need to start working under the stairs immediately. Once you familiarize yourself with the unique parameters under your stairs, you can invest in more specific office supplies and furniture like a monitor arm, a bigger desk, or a storage unit.


7. Save space by eliminating the office chair


home office with standing desk


sit stand desk for creating a small home office

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Sitting isn’t good for you. Humans evolved to walk, hunt, and gather, not be relaxed for eight hours of the day. That’s why standing desks are becoming so popular. Standing while you work can make you more energetic and focused on the task at hand. Plus, the place where you’re standing takes up a lot less space than sitting in an office chair. 

Growrk has three different models of sit-stand desks available for order. You can locate a small foldable desk chair next to your standing desk or fit it underneath to grab a seat when your legs get tired. 


8. Use a laundry room or a pantry

laundry room office


growrk headphones

From Houzz

Laundry rooms and pantries are often really compact and have little natural lighting. However, sometimes a physical barrier between you and the distractions in your home is worth giving up the sunshine for a few hours per day. If your laundry room or pantry is big and has a door, these rooms can serve as the perfect home office space escape and savior of your focus. 

Laundry rooms have thunderous machines in them, and pantries are usually in the kitchen, one of the noisiest rooms in the house. To prevent even further distraction, order a Growrk X Jabra Evolve 75 Wireless Headset. The headphones will keep out exterior sound while the microphone will only pick up your voice and not the loud rumbling of your washing machine. 


9. Convert your guest room 


guest room office


growrk premium package

From Black & Blooms

With social distancing guidelines in place, you probably aren’t having many guests over anyways. Consider rearranging the layout of your guest room to accommodate a small office space. For example, if the bed is in the center of the room, you can push it to clear space on the opposite wall. Alternatively, you could disassemble the bed entirely and permanently transform this room into your functional workspace. 

Since this will be an entire room where you’re freeing space, why not go with a complete home office setup? The Premium Remote Office Package from Growrk contains a laptop stand, dual monitor arms, two monitors, a sit-stand desk, a HAG Capisco Ergonomic chair, a wireless mouse and keyboard, a document holder, an external microphone and camera, and a WFH 30 snack box (containing the best office snacks for work). All of this is available on a financing basis and does not need to be covered in one flat fee. It will have your guest room feeling like company HQ. 


10. Fold-up office in a hallway

hall way office

ergonomic keyboard

By Pocketmags

If the rooms in your house are cluttered beyond help or filled with essential items, sometimes we need to turn to intermediate spaces for our work. If your home has a wide hallway or entryway, then you can install a foldable office on the wall. 

You can buy some hinges and a piece of wood and build this office yourself or buy a premade floating shelf online. For these offices, we recommend GroWrk’s ergonomic keyboards.

An ergonomic keyboard to store in your foldable desk will make this space even more flexible as you can type farther from your computer screen and at different heights. 


Wrap Up


We hope you found this list of ideas useful. In the end, your space is unique to you and where you decide to put your home office is a personal decision. Refer to the suggestions above to get ideas for your teleworking space and then apply them to your home. 

Enjoy decorating your home office after it 's finished, and remember that GroWrk has all of your home office equipment at just a click away. 


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