Top 5 home office set-ups on Twitter: November 2020

If there’s one thing that’s kept many of our spirits afloat this year, it’s knowing that we’re all in this together. And while some experiences — like quarantine, social distancing and mask-wearing — were universal, others were more niche. 

For much of the working population remote work went from being either out of the question or an optional perk offered by their employers, to an indefinite mandate. Memes about the joys and struggles of the collective experience were quick to populate our feeds, offering much-needed respite during uncertain times. But the work from home panic has largely subsided, people are finally easing into the new work normal, and as we near the end of the year, one thing has become clear: a real home office set-up isn't optional, it's necessary. 

Some people have been sharing their new or re-vamped work nooks on Twitter, and since we know a thing or two about ideal remote workspaces, we decided to round up some of our favorites. 

Here’s our November picks: 


Ultra-wide monitor, dual lamps, ergo keyboard & mouse, HD cam, mic & headphones, drawing pad, even a plant coexist on this large standing desk, with room to spare — ideal for those who tend to spread out when they work, keeping documents and notes handy. Is that an acoustic panel we see on the back? Nice going @baekdal, you are number one on our November work from home setup list. Would love to see what chair you’re using! 


An ergonomic chair, a large monitor, HD cam, wireless keyboard and mouse and some powerful-looking monitor studio speakers with interface cover more than the basics, but this home office set-up goes the extra mile by adding a plant, a diffuser and a Himalayan salt lamp to strike the ideal balance between productivity and relaxation. Echo dot & PS4 are the cherry on the cake for @kennedy_mp3’s sweet setup. 


It seems quarantine was the motivation @darchibuns needed to finally revamp their home workspace! The before-and-after shows not only upgraded ergonomic equipment that will certainly improve health & productivity, but also a very personalized touch, which surely makes time spent there more creative, relaxed and enjoyable. Love your work! 


Minimalism is an art, and @drewlipps knows it. Ultrawide curved monitor, ergo keyboard and mouse, laptop stand & succulent plant, looks like you have exactly what you need to make your workspace work for you. That floppy disk though! 



A vertical monitor, laptop stand and ergo chair cover the basics in this Pinterest-worthy setup that takes advantage of a large warm space and a lovely window. A view and a source of natural light aren’t available to everyone (especially not most city-dwellers), but in this case it sets a calm, inspiring mood. The Christmas tree, though temporary, makes this space all the more inviting. Great job accenting with the plants @Sarah_Katilyn

Special shoutout:

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but @SpazzySpitz’s home office’s unique lighting is definitely a mood-setter. The multiple monitors allow for full immersion, increased productivity and a healthy neck during the multi-task at hand, while some small details manage to add a touch of personality! Kudos on the setupception on the right monitor.



All in all, we were impressed by the hard work and creativity put into this set of home workspaces. Though each is a unique reflection of the different circumstances everyone is facing when working from home (space, budget, work equipment and tastes vary), it’s possible to draw some general conclusions:

It seems, for example, that cable management is a common problem, which most people probably don’t even consider until they’ve got everything set up. Gamers are showing to be quite well-informed and enthusiastic about investing in their setups, maybe because the idea isn’t exactly new to them. Those who do go the extra mile with their home workspaces seem to not be looking forward to returning to the office at all, but there is one thing that’s concerning. A lot of the setups being shared were clearly built by well-meaning though inexpert hands, which could cause health issues down the line. Wherever it may be located, it’s important to know and consider the basic health and safety principles of a workspace. 

We’ll be on the lookout for more home office inspo these coming months, so if you’ve got something to flaunt, share it using the hashtag #RemoteSetup so we won’t miss it! 


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