3 Fun and Spooky Ways to Celebrate a Remote Halloween

3 Fun and Spooky Ways to Celebrate a Remote Halloween

This year, more workers than ever before are telecommuting from their homes, making the best of an unexpected situation — many have even found their productivity and all-around happiness has improved since working remotely. But we’re going on eight months now, and it’s safe to say everyone could use a boost in morale. Luckily, Halloween is just around the corner, and just because your team won’t be punching the clock at an office space doesn’t mean they won’t want to celebrate. 

Socializing and bonding with co-workers is as important for telecommuters as it is for employees who convene at an office day in and day out, but it’s also a little bit trickier to pull off. That’s why holidays are a great excuse to make time for fun activities to lighten the mood and get to know each other beyond tasks and deadlines. 

Here’s 3 fun and easy ways to celebrate a remote Halloween: 

The Tried and True Costume Contest

This one’s a no-brainer: invite all your telecommuters to dress up as their character of choice — bonus points if it’s related to the company! — and create a Slack channel where everyone can post their best selfies. Once all the applications are in, everyone can vote for the most creative or well-executed costume. There should be a good incentive for your team to go all out, maybe a couple extra days of PTO, some tempting gift cards, or a cool goodie bag sent to their home. Remember managers should also participate in team building dynamics (especially those that present an opportunity for lighthearted fun), even if they’re exempt from winning the prizes! 

The Scavanger Hunt 

Motivate your remote team to live the holiday to the fullest with a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt. The premise is simple: Create a list (the longer the better!) of different activities that they can check off by posing next to it for a photo, which they can share on a special Slack channel. Each item should increase in difficulty, so that the most committed worker wins. Here’s some ideas:

  • Jack-o-lantern
  • Candy corn
  • Witch hat 
  • Creepy mask 
  • Pumpkin field
  • Taller-than-you inflatable yard decoration 
  • Dog in a costume
  • Dressed-up baby
  • Black cat
  • Halloween-themed home workstation
  • Spider web (double points if real!)

As with the costume contest, make sure the prize for most items checked off is enticing enough to get everyone to participate! 

Livestream a Halloween Movie

This low-effort activity doesn’t have to be confined to spooky season — hosting a monthly movie night is a cool way to bond as a team who works together from a distance. Pick a time that works for everyone (or several different times, if you have people working in opposite time zones), and livestream a movie that was previously voted on. Next time you have a big meeting, start by letting everyone discuss what they thought of the film; you’ll find that a shared, non work-related experience is a great way to let your telecommuters’ personalities shine through. And for now, there’s hundreds of different Halloween-themed movies to pick from

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October 27