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Over 1200 remote employees can’t stop raving about GroWrk!

AWESOME example of a company born from new WFH & remote work
demands: @GrowrkRemote
-remote office management solution
-get employees home offices set up
-device compliance management
-help desk
-ergonomics training

Sarah Evans - CEO Sevans Strategy, Tech influencer

WFH for another
year? Stipends? There’s more to it than passing out laptops. Much more.
This is what GroWrk is solving for.

Tim Pottorf, Principal QP3 Ergosystems.

Bottlenecks around equipment can be one of the most frustrating issues that keep distributed teams from moving forward quickly and efficiently. Good to see a solution targeting this very common issue. GroWrk
Remote is one to watch!

Meghan M. Biro. Tech HR influencer and founder at TalentCulture

It's about time home office support got center-stage

Katrina Brusell, Innovation Manager

With social distancing in place, the office would potentially involve temp
checks, restricted movement, usual office facilities closed (canteen, gym, etc),
a lot of companies are still asking people to avoid physical meetings in the
office too. The question is... what is the point?. GroWrk is a great alternative
to the office.

Ryan Pavey - President BakkerElkhuizen

Very excited to get the word out about GroWrk and the great advancements they are making to support the world of remote work

Cythia Trivella Managing Partner at Talent Culture
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Our remote employee workspace management platform does all the work for you, from supplying premium remote workspaces and ergonomics supervision, to providing financing and operations management, GroWrk gives your remote team a unique remote work experience they’ll love without breaking the bank

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